Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rally for Religious Freedom

It was all such a success, and I was thrilled to be included as a speaker. The first, Bob Flint, is an accomplished Alaskan with fifty years of legal practice under his belt. Catherine Neumayr followed him, and Catherine is ... perfect. I had total coat envy. (Red. Wool. Tailored.) She reminds me of Miss Clavel, you know, from Bemelmans' Madeline series? Bob and Catherine are both formidable, cerebral, and balanced. It's been at least ten years since I've spoken publicly, and this was the right moment to do it. I'm thankful to have been asked --- my girls' favorite part was that in introducing me, Brother Justin Gable mentioned being "mother to several beautiful children". It's true ~ these little beings are my resume now.

I was approached by several people afterwards and asked to share the text of my speech online. I promise to type it all soon. Humorously, because we're still in the process of moving across town, I scribbled my thoughts onto torn segments of scratch paper, on the back of Core Knowledge guidelines. It just seemed funny to me --- the girl who has registered for college at least a half-dozen times, but instead of listening to the lecture, sits and writes lists of baby names and character sketches of the other students. And there I was, with a teething baby on my hip, rattling off the character of Americans too great to allow us to comply with totalitarianism. We owe it to them!


  1. Thank you so much for speaking Tiff! I've heard such wonderful feedback and look forward to hearing it! I adlibbed your bio to include my dinner theatre companions! ;-). Your vocation as a mother was and is a lovely example to all who were present. AA made the newspaper before he was 1 year old!

  2. Your speech was truly spectacular. I, too, look forward to see the transcript!