About the name ...

Lox Populi is second only to non sequinir in my amusing-myself-with-fake-Latin hobby. A non sequinir, of course, is the state of wearing clothing not flashy enough to lead a parade. Get it, 'cause no one would follow? I could do this all day long.

I don't understand Latin beyond owning flash cards and having an intuitive ear. Ever the eager dilettante, I grabbed this auspicious URL anyway --- after recovering from my sincere shock that it wasn't already taken --- as a play on words. I now feel pressured to have a thinking man's response to "what the hell is that supposed to mean, and why are you giggling like a maniac?"

Vox Populi Vox Dei translates to "the voice of the people is the voice of God", which I'd submit as a fallacy pretty central to our state of affairs in secular culture, and some aspects of the Church (bad liturgical music and the psychotherapeutic "response" to pedophilia spring to mind).

Moving right along. I was serious in my first post about my affinity for salmon. If I'm choosing breakfast in a cafe, the option of a bagel and lox platter is all I need to see. Two things should now be clear: I will probably never write about food in this blog again, and scathing wit has its place.  Mob rule indeed.


  1. Tiffany, that is one irresistible name for a blog! I think I'm going to enjoy this a lot. (And I have very high standards for blogs: my little sister is Simcha Fisher of I Have to Sit Down). I am also playing with the idea of starting a blog, but so far haven't managed to convince myself that it would be God's will for me to neglect the laundry and the kids' education more than I do now. But may He bless your efforts--this should be fun!

  2. You get Simcha Fisher's sister to read your blog a few weeks in!?!? How is that fair?!

    I can't even get my own sister to read my blog... or my wife.

    To be honest, I dont even re-read my own posts.

    Congrats or something, I need to re-evaluate my situation.

  3. Joe, ha! My husband and brother wouldn't read my blog for cash. I checked. We can just happily read each others' stuff, and then follow Simcha's sister around (hi blog royalty, Devra! Thank you for the encouragement. Did you see Joe there's hys-ter-i-cal post about said Sister?) and keep ourselves entertained. The laundry!! I need a graphing calculator for it to make sense, the quantity.

  4. Joe and Tiffany, I somehow thought I had posted here days ago, but my comment somehow disappeared. Tiffany, thank you for your kind words, but I can't really accept much, or any, credit, for happening to have been born into the same family as Simcha! And I look forward to what you have to say about debt and poverty and Dave Ramsey and Thomas Dubay, both of whom I was already interested in. I have the same kinds of reservations about Dave Ramsey, and I find it's hard to get my whole family on board for either seriously attacking debt or seriously fixing our American consumerist attitude about money, even though we all agree in theory about the whole thing. And Joe, I enjoyed your blogpost a whole lot, once I got over the defensiveness it aroused in me before I understood what you were saying. And I forgive you for creating a crisis of conscience for me about Amazon. I sell a few books on it to try to help pay for my kids' homeschool enrichment program, and now I have to address the whole remote-or-not-so-remote-cooperation-with-evil question. There's lots of reason to believe we're coming into a time when Catholics need to be willing to sacrifice more than a little tiny profit like what I'm making on my books for the sake of our faith. Maybe I can start a wildly successful blog instead of selling books...