The Anti-social No Comment Realm

I'm not anti-social. I am diagnosably, clinically extroverted. Every time we go past a certain megastore parking lot, my four-year-old daughter reminds me of the time I made the homeless man cry by giving him a bag of peanuts (it turned out that he didn't have any teeth, so he couldn't eat them). And then she asks why he didn't want to use my cellphone, offered in response to his story about having a daughter in Arizona with whom he was out of touch. Yes, I remember. And I don't know why honey, sometimes phone calls are harder than they look. He was being a gentleman. The point, beyond brother man's suffering, is that my little girls were sort of milling around, dodging taxicabs and waiting while I engaged in this poignant but futile interview with a roadside boozy chap at 10 a.m.

After nearly one month of blogging, I have decided to stick with it. Hooray! But I've made a change that may merit explanation (and maybe only to myself) --- the comment option doesn't seem useful for a blog like this. In the case of news sites or arm-chair crimefighters, an exchange of comments adds value to what is initially being presented. I have learned new stuff in witnessing combox dustups and de-escalations.

I have probably also wasted a lot of time. Anyone care for some peanuts?

My writing can never help my children. Like, help them get a sandwich.

If blog etiquette requires attention to comments, just count me as a failure now and receive my apology. Two things come to mind when I ponder comment threads in general: either little is gained beyond chit chat among strangers, or the post and/or previous comments are vivisected chapter and verse, to varying degrees of charity ~ that extend to an impressive length. This isn't a criticism of anyone else's internetting style, it's an observation.    //wink nod handshake cough//

I'm not willing to maintain one more source of text in my life --- I just can't. So in good faith, please know that while your reception of this blog's content matters to me, I'm sensing a need to be practical about my limitations. I write at night, and tend the garden of my primary vocation during the day.
You know, the real adventure: diapers, driving and dinner.

Should you have feedback, curiosity, or need my recipe for Boat Coffee, email is always fine. I sincerely thank you for reading. Blogs are so weird. 
(Borgeskids AT geemail)