Saturday, March 31, 2012

Deo Gratias

Lord, make me a vessel of your peace.


And in other news, our weeks have gone smoothly, all things considering. Truly, what would a proper move across town be without a torn meniscus, surprise pregnancy test, and eleven feet of snow slowly melting into Venice-like canals where our streets used to be? Forgettable, that's what it would be.

This is a memorable season in our life. I'm encouraged by the Catholic Anchor article featuring this blog as well as two blogging veterans and friends, Joe and Mindy. Thank you, Rashae Ophus Johnson, for writing the piece. I especially liked that all three of us gave a nod to our Holy Father Pope Benedict, since his instruction on the digital frontier touched me. Part of me is leary about blaming dear Papa for the existence of this blog, but it's better that I acknowledge my allegiance and work to make the efforts worthy, I guess. Thank you to every person who has prodded me to write. It is its own thrill, and its own reward.

Tonight I did the 9 p.m. sprint through our local thrift store, looking for one particular item (found), and while shopping, I made a new friend. Is it the isolating Alaskan winter, or cabin fever, that makes us chatty rather than stand-offish, or overeager when we'd be smart to play it cool? I'll never know (I've been accused of many traits in my life  ----  cool has never been one of them) but I'm thankful for new energy in my life, and openness to joy.

My husband is from Orange County and still recounts how detached, almost by design, people are from one another there, whenever we visit. As a salesman, it's in his nature to want to hear peoples' stories, but he is also Alaskan in this regard. After nearly twenty years of full immersion, I'd say the cultural divide within him has been closed. And marriage is good --- he's cured my of my longing to pick up hitchikers. I still experience physical anguish when I have to pass them by. They need a ride! I have a car!

Guess I'll settle for other late-night bargain hawks in the thrift store for my surprise friendships. God is so generous.


  1. I liked the Rashae piece. It's interesting how converts are much more extroverted than cradles... And too bad Joe isn't still here for me to harass about it over a beer!

  2. Congratulations! I'm in awe that I'm 28 weeks considering I thought I would be pregnant for-ev-er with my nearly 4 y-o. This is flying. I wish it would slow down a little! Thanks for finding me, and I'm looking forward to reading more. Have a blessed Easter!