Monday, February 24, 2014

Seven Somethings

1. Since I'm participating in this link-up, I'm giving homage to Jen Fulwiler and doing it 7 Quick Takes Style. Which is mixing memes, or something.

2. Genealogy is my favorite winter sport, and lately I've given some time to researching specific family events for my husband's grandparents who emigrated as teenagers from Portugal in 1920. They were of the same island in the Azores but first met in California -- what a story. It's always neat for our daughters to look at photos of their great grandmother and ponder shipping off in just a few years. For all of my bravado at 15 years old (I knew everything! It was great), I can't imagine that kind of stoicism. She was beautiful and I wear her ring.

3. Sometimes I think I'm the recipient of the most numerous individual kindnesses from relative strangers. People are cool.

4. We have a border crossing in our future, and have decided to go freestyle without passports for most of our kids. This is on the authority of some of the above-mentioned random strangers. They had Russian accents, so it must be legit.

5. This is the question driving me today: How does my treatment of my vocation look to my children? Am I giving them a positive perception of being a wife & mother?

6. This is the story currently on repeat anytime we need unfocused downtime. The author even has a Tedx Talk; her physical appearance reminds me of a friend of mine, to a startling degree. Also a writer. More of a poet. Anyway, her stories make us laugh out loud and she seems to capture childhood voraciously.

7. Um ... so yah.

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