Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gingerbread Recipe calling for (c)old coffee

Even before I cared much about cooking (y'know, like ten minutes ago), I've long appreciated people who can ramble tidily in narrative form about recipes. It makes it all seem very do-able for those of us who prefer to eat like 7th grade boys at a SuperBowl party. I like Greek salads & Mexican food. That's it. why mess with success? Children eat yogurt and steak with guacamole quite happily... Okay, but in real life I must feed this growing brood, do it frugally if it's going to be any fun, and get a general game face going about long-term meal planning.

Anyway. Internet, anyway.

Eagle River, Alaska
So encouraging, so joyful, just Ask Auntie Leila. As I say, she's FlyLady without the hysterics. : ) Speaking of Like Mother, Like Daughter --- I had a Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real sequence in my mind as we drove to a picturesque spot yesterday, and on arrival it was just as I'd hope it'd look: hues of gold, frigid blue set against pink mountains... then I realized I'd left my camera at home. Next time! I have to go for now. The neighbor's dog is here to visit. Joys of Alaskan winter.

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