Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not Easy, But Simple

Since getting sober and converting to Catholicism, I've grown into a set of beliefs initially outlined in the rooms of 12 Step meetings. Significant to alcoholics because we're (generally) equal parts self-absorbed and manipulative of others, adopting some basic worldviews which orient us to mental health is a constant reminder of the ideal, spelled out in simple terms.

Two in particular are nothing short of liberating:

Principles Before Personalities.

Live and Let Live.

They exist in a tension that encourages an authentic awakening of the soul, confronting our motives before acting, and allows for interior peace in any circumstance.

No limitations or belief systems are imposed in these rooms, and it defies explanation that such gorgeous mayhem can restore sanity and productivity to the lost and hope-starved among us. I hesitate to write much about it, since doing so implies an authority or mastery I'll never have. I really loved to drink and have no interest in doing it "responsibly". That just sounds like an expensive waste of time. However, my urges toward silence on the topic are balanced by a desire to give credit (blame?) where due. My writing is in service to a truth which has set me free.

My duty is to God alone, and those rooms are indeed where I met Him.

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