Saturday, August 23, 2014

making peace with progress

Denali from Talkeetna
1) Our local newspaper has gone away, and I guess I still need to make a visit to their vault to get our four youngest 'Stork Report' clippings. When Vivian was born I remember being told that the newspaper office maintains a few copies of each day's newspaper indefinitely, and one can request them in person at the ADN office. Now that they've moved online, everything feels transient and like those newspapers could vanish. Like they take 'their duty to me' less seriously. Which I know is silly. It's been ten years and I'm probably never going there. But how dare they!

2) I signed up for a deductive reasoning class online with Duke University (I'm not a total curmudgeon about the internet, see?) and am excited to see what it's like.

3) We've crossed the threshold into Too Many Kids to attend the Alaska State Fair cheaply, even with our tricks (totally different bag of tricks than we used at the Ventura County Fair, way back when) --- so it looks like an undercover mission with our three oldest is in order. I hope to see photos. Just husband Anthony with Viva, Margaret & Veronica. --- no babies and no mom --- paaaaaaaarty.

4) Do you think it's impractical to invite Snoop Doggy Dogg to our 20-year high school class reunion this summer? I really want to.

5) One more link. Okay, two.

6) I might soon write a sex post and try to keep it as elegant and approachable as Simcha's lovely new book. Stay tuned for all that, DAD. hahaha. Um. I would never do that.

7) That wraps up my first attempt at 7 whoodly what whats, or however Jennifer calls it. She regularly slays it over here.

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