Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Any Mother Worth Her Salt

has at some point made the following discoveries (I'm in list-making mode!):

No Time for Politics, Charles Dana Gibson
10     an abandoned egg or diaper, rotting away in her motorcar.
9           Most existential worries are helped by raucous play and a pot of coffee.
              Laughing with friends is a great clarifier.
8            Real men are necessary, mysterious and easy to please. Ditto little boys.
7            This!
6            Speech impediments are (extremely) cute and (mostly) temporary.
5            We don't need to recreate the wheel. (or is it re-invent? I am so bad at the idioms.)
4            The Divine will be protected in our midst as it first was in human form ~ by a Mother.
3             Serenity comes at a price, but is always a bargain.
                'be joyful because it is humanly possible" -Wendell Berry
2            There remain five steps to laundry: sort, wash, dry, fold, put away.
               And stuck on the fourth step, I remain.
1            The seasons of life are fleeting, even when they don't eat their oatmeal.

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