Thursday, July 31, 2014

I have totally wondered that

about re-making beds and self-esteem! Glad to know that such nonsense has a basis (in the usual place -- ingrained psychobabble ...) I was re-reading a biography of Lillian Gilbreth, the mother of Cheaper By the Dozen fame, and reflecting a bit the perceptions of housework and homemaking, which is endlessly fascinating lately.

I love Leila for making Order and Wonder come alive for our family in small ways, for somehow illustrating that tending to hearth is for smart girls too, and (have you seen her new book? You should read it. You'll like it!) for probably my favorite one-liner ever about homemaking:
"Unless you have someone coming over in the next thirty minutes to do all of this for you, it's really your duty to figure it out. Now. Get to it." 
Something like that. I've fallen back on her
brand of gentlefirm prodding more than a few times.

She first won my heart here...

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