Monday, May 5, 2014

More Greetings to my Dad

 * a great mix of nostalgia, cheer and love * (and then there's Brian...)

Whoo-hoo !  Birthday Brother!  It’s your FAVORITE Sister…. Wishing you the BEST of Birthdays…. and so wishing I could come thru the door and give you the BIGGEST  HUG of all!  One day that WILL happen, and sad to say that’s not happening for this birthday… TODAY.   So, Put your feet up, stay by the pool, have your favorite “Kiwi Gillian” bring you a cold drink.  Oh-h and swipe out her tinker BELL for just this ONE DAY, and ring it every time your ice starts to melt.
I do MISS you both….. and all the cheery smiles and good times you both bring on, no matter where you are !
Love YOU !! 

Happy Birthday, Bob! Remember when I accidentally called you "Dad" that one time? That was not as embarrassing as the time I accidentally called Dick Longworth "Mom." I hope life is good in Mexico!! Thinking of you fondly.... Lil 

"Mr Bob Rogers, with a joyful deep laugh and inquisitive eye, was always there for me. Whether it was helping me put together a last minute robot costume, or a cleaning job when I was looking for work after my accident.  My early memories are of birthday parties above Tongass storage, Tiffany's bathtub math inquiries, and in our teens countless dog finding missions.  You'll be glad to know we only borrowed the cargo van once with me at the helm.
I will always treasure your vinyl collection, magically mixed into my parents records that have the wear and love of good memories and still great sound.  So, rock on with those Crazy Swedish Meatballs as Stan Borgnine would sing, and three cheers from this tres blonde, the one and only Amburgular"

Well he once referred to me as "The Dude" (which I really wish would have stuck as a nickname) but truth be told, Bob is way more Dude than I, epitomized by his rebel shrug, and his embrace of the idea that life is shot and complicated and nobody knows what to do about it, so we don't do anything about it. We just take er easy, man.

Bob was always pretty damn good at taking her easy. From driving his Honda Rebel (again aptly named) to bravely lighting up in airports (Only to act like a foreigner who "didn't know" they couldn't smoke there). Well done, sir.

Now, I have to go and NOT take er easy and work.
Happy birthday, old man.
Brian F. Johnson

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