Monday, March 3, 2014

It's like Tori Amos came to a different conclusion...

Audrey Assad (who's fairly new to me, but a welcome surprise!)

So, while I have a moment to write ~ this past week has been amazing in weather & busy-ness, and I've tried to keep a stable if random pattern of posting. I no longer find blogging cathartic, but am committed to a few other projects and like breaking the pace a little. Even just snippets are fun ... thanks for continuing to read. I've read a half dozen or so 'new' bloggers, and that's been enjoyable.

It's tricky for me to look around and believe that the shift of seasons will bring a lighter schedule, although Spring tends to do just that. Many tender spots lately have reinforced God's omnipotence, and our family looks toward Lent with immense gratitude. I stand by the first piece of poetry I ever taught a child to recite. That would be teensy Viva, teetering up the cathedral steps to the newly ordained priests with, "TOWANTISTOSUFFER//ITSATENETOFBUDDHISM". I think she also drew me a picture of Boo Dzim, like she figured it was a guy.  : )

I shall not want.

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