Wednesday, February 5, 2014

disorienting moments, a compendium

Here are times when the world feels foreign:
*    When I hear anyone rag on the Aerosmith/Britney Spears SuperBowl  halftime show.
*    When my eyesight is continually affronted with neon colors in fashion accessories.
*    When my older daughters tell me they've never been to a wedding or seen a kitten. (lies! but they hold this belief steadfast and know it makes me verklempt)
*    When surrounded by people who schedule events 6-8 months in advance.
*    When I remember my first obstetrician blithely offering to abort my baby.
*    Much more recently, the day my father praised the Seattle Seahawks.
*   When Sesame Street is just screaming Common Core interdisciplinary mediocrity at me, first thing in the morning.

Do your thing and do it well!

Okay, maybe seven things isn't really a compendium. But that's a word with a lot of syllabic harmony, so it stays.

Happily, there are many more moments that life just clicks, on a level of unmistakable harmony. I guess the pagans call it synchronicity. All the sweeter is to witness that universal "fitting" and know it to mean a loving God directs the galaxy. Faith really is a gift. May it be used to the maximum service of those who suffer.

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