Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vote for me!

huh? I barely understand what's going on, but the most reliable thing about me is probably that my mouth continues running, regardless of this ignorance! Howz that for a slogan. Gitchasomevotes, m' hm.

Seriously, I'm flattered to be included and am eager to follow along. My yammering was nominated in the Smartest Blog category. Words are all I've ever really had, so sharing them means a lot to me. I deeply admire the rowdy pilgrims whose names I recognize in many categories of Bonnie's roundup --- this should be a good time for all. Her story is unforgettable.

Speaking of Sling Blade, has anyone seen the new BB Thornton movie? I can't remember what it's called. We've revived the Blockbuster tradition at our house lately and it's been fun.

Okay, double seriously -- go over there and vote for all the blogs! if the Spirit moves you. Thanks.

** edit: Okay, "Words are all I've ever really had" is a bit melodramatic. I don't mean like I was raised in a Honduran landfill or something ~ just that I can barely swim, have only marginally luscious hair, and enjoy talking and writing with people very much. It clarifies a world that sometimes overwhelms me with its demands and mysteries.

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