Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Podcast Rhymes with Broadcast

This guy always gives a provocative argument ~ with the exception of keeping in touch with beloved and faraway friends and family, John Zmirak is probably my most valuable takeaway from wasting time on Facebook over the years.

And this site is a neat peek into how personal tech evangelization can become. SQPN stands for StarQuest Production Network. Cute? His podcast is among the oldest of podcasts, as he tells it, since the genesis was in 2005 upon the death of Blessed John Paul II. Check out 'The Break' for commentary on one of my favorite topics on Earth, Sesame Street and its international versions. The right sidebar has a bunch of other podcasts too. Be aware that the host blathers pretty genially & aimlessly for the first thirty minutes of the link, so it's worth skipping ahead. Otherwise, 5 Stars on that site overall. Its clean, artistic appearance seems very now.

Father Roderick's reflections about the creativity of the Holy Spirit are particularly cool.

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