Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Joe Walsh and Monsignor Charles Pope

To my earlier point (every high-minded philosophical discourse that matters can be traced to something I've heard expressed more succinctly in the rooms...) a link is included to a great treatment of the increasing fascination with standardizing marijuana sale and use. My view of the whole thing is admittedly more cynical (what kind of square stands in line to get weed?), so I like to see how others argue the point. "Medical marijuana" has measurable benefits, as I understand it ~ but the mode of delivery could be as boring as ibuprofen, without all this hullabaloo, right? Maybe decriminalization is the first step to that simplification.

So I wish I could print my husband's poetic but crass version of this conversation, the opening paragraph of which he just recently summarized over coffee ... too brash for me to repeat, or admit that I loved. I may have choked on my croissant.

ah, the list of things Simcha and I have in common...
oh well. Troublesome trophy husbands come in all varieties. At least mine is too busy conquering industry to write a blog! There's always that. And as usual, Msgr. Pope's perspective is worth a read. I love his accessible style, pastoral approach, fidelity to the faith and the variety of topics he covers. As for Mr. Fisher, I'm filing him under croissant-choking-awesomeness I'm too scared to endorse.

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