Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Order, Wonder and the Historical Trauma of last-minute Christmas Shopping

So, a few weeks ago I was ogling Advent wreaths online, wondering if I could swing across the modernist divide and embrace something like this:

NEVERMIND, the picture won't load and my friend in Texas wrote something better than my planned drivel about overconceptualized (crappy) religious art.

Even better than blogs about schedules (my subtopic), which are admittedly my favorite kind of blog posts to read.

In any case, please heed her warning at the top, because it's sincere. She has a certain vantage point --- it may not be for everyone. But I would ask anyone who wants to bristle at her style to consider the potential audience. I've been thinking lately about how much of the dysfunction we seem to mourn can be traced back to the cultural expectation of living in a state of unending gratification --- sexual, consumerist or otherwise. "If it feels good, Do it" is quite the mantra. We pay.

Much like Peter Hitchens being unfazed by Dan Savage's juvenile attempts at antagonism, the world needs women who can talk like this to girls out there. And priests who can talk to both. We all have that God-shaped hole in our heart, and those who minister to us do well to accept the ways habitual sin has made us blind. And to carry on, with a burning love of souls. God bless you, Mrs. Stacey Adams.

From Ho to Housewife, How Jesus Changed Everything

{insert here Diego Rivera, Woman at a Well. If photos would load to Blogger today.}

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