Thursday, March 14, 2013

Catholic Men For Life

Why Should Men Care? (from CMFL's brochure)

Imagine this ...
As you step out of church you see a young couple arguing furiously on the other side of the street. The woman is holding a carseat. The argument escalates and the man turns as if to walk away. Angry and scared, with a hopeless look on her face the woman steps into the middle of the street and leaves the carseat there. You see a truck coming. What do you do? Maybe you think, "This is not my business," or "They can't take care of that child properly so it is probably better this way." You hesitate, not knowing exactly what to do, but then you hear a crash, and the baby is gone.

The woman is wracked with grief, and the man stands there overwhelmed with the irresponsibility of his actions. You might not have been able to stop what happened, but you will forever have the feeling that you lacked the courage or conviction to try to stop it. You failed as a man.

Does this imaginary scene disturb you? It should. And, an almost identical scenario is played out every day at every abortion facility in America.

The courage to act and the wisdom to become effectively involved must begin with prayer and sacrifice. Catholic Men for Life has a plan and we need you.

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