Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Uncomfortable Conclusion

Americans are becoming increasingly stupid.

I will expound soon ~ as for me and mine, we've been served a hysterical morning of van lockouts and schedule shuffling. (If Mensa calls for me, just take a message. My phone is locked in the car too.) Maybe the locksmith will be ruggedly handsome ...


  1. Again, LOCKED OUT of horrible, sabotaging minivan. Will not be using my missal as a slam book against politicians anymore on blog. Must get through this lent without machines...

  2. Too many big words in post.


    1. ha!

      PS the locksmith was a haggard teen boy who, notsomuch ruggedly handsome ~ more "unemployable" looking ~ but I was so grateful to be rescued! the two year old keeps stashing our car keys behind bookshelves and such. Also, removing her dirty diapers and slamming them into the bathroom drawers. With gusto.