Sunday, January 15, 2012

We have a dream.

Here are two somewhat competing visions of protest against being failed by institutions. Both make plentiful points which are worth thinking and talking about, and both are stylistically attractive. I look forward to seeing more work from each of the producers. Personally, this called to mind a moment in 2009 when our leader, a Dominican friar, bravely proposed that "YouTube is catechizing your children. It's your responsibility as laity to offer their Faith in a way that will draw them to the Lord."

His invitation to package our timeless faith in a contemporary way caught me off guard. I confess a certain reverse snobbery, even a preference for dusty "ditto sheets", but Father Francis was speaking truth. (And he was addressing us as youth catechists; the role of parents arguably includes protecting our children --- and ourselves -- from crude and objectifying images on every level.)

As a fairly recent convert to Catholicism, I'm still unwrapping the scope and diversity of the church. I can say with confidence that participation in the sacraments is the answer to the second video's complaints, and turning off the screen solves the first's. Fox News and the U.S. Senate are not the source and summit of human existence. While Ms. Newsom's video has content that I enjoy pondering, it's a superficial take on women's potential.

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  1. oh, and thank you to CB for sharing the Miss Interpretation video!