Monday, January 30, 2012

Can A Website Be Fruit?

Hi new readers!

I have infinitely more to learn about being Catholic than I do to teach, so please read with that in mind. That statement is also true about a half dozen other relevant passions (drawing, gardening, financial stewardship and general civility come to mind), but pursuit of those are in God's care too. I write about the things I think about. I welcome, nay -- thrive on, hearty discussion.

Today this blog received more than twice as much traffic as it has in its three weeks of existence, so that was cool. Then I got yelled at for using a crude salutation, having a stupid website name, and needing to pray more. That was even better.

Know that my shoulders are broad, as they say, and typed attacks are my favorite kind. But our ideas can be shared without nastiness. If I write anything heretical or against the Magisterium, I sincerely hope you'll correct me.

In the case of our tireless ordained men, I'll only delete stuff that doesn't warrant sharing. (According to ... me! This is great fun.)

God Himself saw fit to spare them loudmouthed wives, and the priesthood doesn't need my clumsy defense. In any case, I stand by every syllable of it.

P.S. new guru subset: Catholic blogger lawyers named Joe.
Alaska has one, too.


  1. I should never be in a list with superior blogs like that.

  2. Nope, Joe, my blog my rules, right? (as evidenced by my sticker hearting free speech immediately after issuing a call to shut up). It's the exchange I love, and that includes the loud moments. Thank you both for reading and commenting. Bagel-rific!